karmindy said: your brushstrokes are so stunningly clear, is this all just scanned traditional art? or do you edit with a program after scanning it in? 

It’s mostly just a scan, I mean I do clean up stray dots and scratches and stuff with the eraser in Photoshop, but for the most part it looks like it does on paper! (heres a photo of an inked page in-progress if you’re curious!)

Advice on Starting a Webcomic

somethingkumandkum asked: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start a webcomic?

uh-oh you guys somebody made the mistake of asking me about comics, prepare for a gigantic essay… Please don’t feel pressured to read this whole thing, I totally lose my head when it comes to talking about making comics!


  • You won’t get rich, you can’t please everybody, so it had better be a labor of love. 
  • Set an update schedule and stick to it. Finish a good chunk of pages before going public, so new visitors to the comic’s “grand opening” can get hooked.
  • Publishing a webcomic is like performing live; you can’t let “stage fright” stop you. Stop “planning” and start publishing!
  • Lots of links to the software that makes BFF work on the technical side at the end. And books I’d recommend reading!

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Quick Anonymous Questions!

Just so you guys know, your questions will get answered a lot faster if they aren’t anonymous - I try and use the private messages a lot so I don’t clog up people’s dashboards, and thus anonymous questions kind of get “scheduled” for later.

I was wondering; what course are you doing at MICA? Graphic design maybe?

Right now I’m a freshman in foundation year (ugh) but I want to major in Illustration, with a minor in Creative Writing! I was actually thinking of doing a graphic design concentration, because I do like it a whole lot, but wasn’t really confident of my skills in it. 

how did you and Nicole meet? And how did you guys become so close? I’m doing a project on relationships concieved through internet, soo….

I used to read the first incarnation of her great comic TINF! I was totally her fan, and obsessively commented to her until one day she replied, and we got talking and joking and became super best friends. We mostly used AIM. We just got closer and closer until one day we weren’t just friends anymore! If you want the long story, please email me - mickequ(at)gmail(dot)com. 

Do you have any tips for going from drawing with pencil/paper to using a tablet. I can’t seem to get the hang of it at all and you’re art looks great both traditional and with a tablet.

Thank you so much for the compliment! Unfortunately, I have to be really boring and say the best thing is just practice as much as you can. I remember when I first used a tablet, it took me months to get used to it. Just doodle with it and get your muscles/brain used to the feeling. What you can also do is take sketches (your own or someone else’s) and just do line practice on them - don’t pressure yourself by trying to make major illustrations or whatever right off the bat, just do some exercises. Good luck! 

Where do you find inspiration for your comic(s)?

p.s. I love you *__*

HEY ANON I’m sorry this reply is so late, but I’ve been scatterbrained! Anyways first of all, cute/sweet anonymous messages like this really make my day, so thank you for sending it!

A little while ago I wrote a post about developing style, and the links to the artists that influence me can definitely also be thought of as my inspirations!

For the situations in the comic, my girlfriend gorockets inspires me a bunch, she’s so good at coming up with the funniest ideas and turning everyday situations into comic material.

I also find inspiration in things I see people doing during the day (especially at school/during class, since my characters are mostly students) + stuff that fans say & suggest! Believe it or not, you guys influence the way the story goes a lot! I have the basics written out, but the filling between the major plot points is really open for change, and sometimes I’ll go based on a random suggestion (or even a joke!) 

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I..had a really weird dream where the cast of bff were at school in the gym where there was a pool. teddy and vincent were about to hop into the pool and were climbing off the bleachers but teddy almost slipped off the edge since he wasn't wearing his glasses and louis got him and called him a moron. then everyone got in the pool and was swimming and kamri was suddenly talking about louis and that they were going to make out later.

and now I need to share this with all of you

Kamri x Louis is totally my crack pairing

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How may I go about shoving fan art your way if I don't have a tumblr?

You could shove it in my askbox like you did this question! I also have a DA, a formspring, and you can email me at mickequ@gmail.com! Thank you so much for drawing fan art ahhh I can wait to see it!

ALSO DONT FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME/URL so I can link to you when I put it in the gallery!

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Ahhhh ok thanks! Well to be honest, I don't even know where to start with the idea I have! So I was wondering if what you do personally is plan out each little story first with a script, then make little thumbnail comics and then the final version? I think what I've been trying to do is just rush everything too fast. Plus, I don't really know how to make panels flow and make it coherent I'm just bad haha.

I hope you don’t mind me posting this, in case it can help somebody else? If you do just say so and I’ll delete it!

Anyways, I do write scripts! Well, sort of. A lot of times I have trouble with the writing (I am not a very good writer at all) so I do something that more resembles storyboards - for some reason this helps me work through tough writing spots, and it also helps with visual plans/gags/etc. Also, once I have those storyboards it makes the process thumbnailing a lot better - it’s a lot easier for me to decide what shape/size the panels need to be when I have a visual reference for what needs to go inside them.

For making panels flow, I would just suggest to not do anything crazy at first. I honestly prefer uniform, over-and-over-again square panels to the crazy-shape artsy manga stuff everybody tries to pull. While you might get a little extra meaning or emotion out of crazy shapes, it’s basically useless if it’s not legible. 

Other things to keep in mind to keep it coherent/flowing are things like the 180 degree rule (I break this all time but it’s still a good thing to keep in mind) and also don’t overfill your speechbubbles! The #1 thing that will stop me from reading a comic is huge gigantic speech bubbles. Like 3 short sentences in one bubble is too many, usually.

Okay, I’m rambling, but just lemme leave you with something somebody said in a talk at this thing I went to at the Center for Cartoon Studies: LET IT BE BORN! Especially with digital work, sometimes you just want to over-prepare, or work on it until it’s perfect. But if you do that, you’ll never get anything done. So sometimes you just gotta suck it up and go for it, even if you don’t quite know where you’re headed. 

I hope that was somewhat relevant? Sorry dude!! ALSO THANK YOU for even considering asking me for advice! I obviously love talking about this stuff a lot, and it really makes me happy you think highly enough of my comics to ask! 

I just realized that I don't actually know if I'm reading Louis' name right! Do you pronounce it the French or English way?

The English way! (going by this site, anyways)

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what program do you use to draw/ make bff?

I draw the lineart on paper with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen! I color/edit/everything else in Photoshop.

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forgive me if this is a rude question but are you and gorockets just really good friends or are you "together" ?

We’re together! ♥

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Just wanted to let you know that Best Friends Forever is one of my most favorite comics ever! The art is so cool and new and the story is adorable and awesome! Four for you glen coco you go glen coco.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to read it! I’m especially glad if you like the art!

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is teddy gay even a little bit? <:3

Teddy likes to keep his private life private, yo

but if you did happen to want to read about Teddy kissing dudes or whatever you could totally do so right here (shout-out to my writer friend thrynnie who has written like a billion BFF fanfics and is NOW POSTING SOME OF THEM you should all go love her forever)

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... asdfghjk okay leaving now

hfhdfg this is a fanfiction just waiting to be written, you guys

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I just.. began reading BFF recently and I would just like to say that every update and every COMMENT I see on your comic makes me RIDICULOUSLY GIDDY - your style is also so lovely and your varying colour themes are such a pleasure to look at!!

Oh and of course Vincent and Teddy are just.. I can't even describe how much I adore them I HAVE TO DRAW THEM

dude if you draw them I will just die, I spent forever today just going through your art tag, you are awesome! Thanks for taking the time to read BFF, I’m really happy if you like my style! 

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